Submitting an estimate request:

1. Take pictures of all items you need removed.
2. Include phone number and location.
3. Include any additional information you think we should know.
4. Send TEXT to 603-494-5877 / email

We will respond to your estimate within 1 hour (typically it's less time than this). 


Surcharged Items - 

Each Paint Can ($7)

Each Tire ($20)

Computer Monitor ($20)

AC/Propane Tank/Padded

Flat Screen TV ($40)

Box TV ($50)

Twin Mattress or Twin Box Spring

($35 each or $75 for both)

King Mattress or Box Spring

($75 each or $125 for both


***Typically large jobs will be based on volume (amount of space junk takes up in truck) and small jobs will be priced by item***