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    The Truck Fleet

    Scrap Metal Removal:

    Depending on the time of year, your location, logistics and the amount of scrap metal you are looking to get removed we may be able to pick it up for free. However, during our busier months we will typically charge for scrap metal as it is worth much less in the summer and spring and we do not always have the time pick it up. When you are looking to get scrap metal removed the best thing to do is to send us a picture. We will let you know our availability and cost. Please keep in mind that if we need to do anything beyond pulling up to your driveway and just throwing it into our truck then there will be a fee involved.

    Couch Removal:

    Couch removal depends on a few things. The first variable is the size of your couch. The most expensive couches for us to haul off are sectionals, followed by 3 seaters and then love seats. These pieces vary in price from $65 - $165+ dollars. The dump charges us for their weight and then on top of that a $25.00 “bulky” fee. In some cases we may also need to cut a couch into pieces in order to remove it from residence as other items that may be in the way will make it unsafe to remove as a whole.

    Grill Removal:

    Grills are typically $50.00 but this can change based on location and size. Typically a standard backyard grill without the propane tank will go for $50.00 locally. If we need to travel outside of the area then you are looking at $75.00 in some cases as it would not make sense for us to drive an hour round trip for a $50.00 item. It should also be mentioned that if you have a propane tank that needs to be removed with the grill that you are looking at an added fee of $35.00.

    Paint Removal:

    We do not take any paint other than latex based. Sealcoating, oil based and other cleaning chemicals are all considered hazardous waste and you will need to contact your town for assistance. Latex based paint on the other hand can be hardened and then disposed of which costs us additional time and money beyond just weight. It is for this reason that we charge $8 per can and $40 per bucket of latex based paint.

    Hot Tub Removal:

    Hot Tub, Spa and Jacuzzi removal is a challenging job that involves electric concerns, plumbing concerns as well as a good hour or more of Sawzall work to cut the item up. The pieces do not fit tightly in our truck either, typically taking up a minimum of half the truck. Another challenge is the insulation that lines the walls of the unit. This insulation, when cut, begins to crumble everywhere and on a windy day can create quite a mess in your yard that can take quite a bit of time to gather up. In many cases these old hot tubs will have rodents living inside of them that have chewed up this insulation leaving large pockets of chewed up insulation "dust" throughout the unit. Hot tub remains are classified as “demolition” by the dump and will cost us $50.00-$100.00/ton more than typical debris. It is for many of these reasons that the lowest price you will get quoted on a hot tub removal will be $500.00.

    Television Removal:

    Televisions incur an environmental fee from the dump of $25.00 plus their weight. We typically will charge $50.00 or more for TV’s.

    Mattress Removal:

    Mattresses and box springs can typically be removed for $50.00 - $60.00. 

    Lumber Removal:

    Due to weight lumber is typically quoted higher than typical household items. The dump considered lumber as “demo” or demolition and will charge us more to dump it.

    Refrigerator & Air Conditioners Removal:

    Due to weight, size and the containment of freon we typically will charge $75.00 or more for a refrigerator removal and $35 for an air conditioner.

    Tire Removal:

    Tire removal starts at $15.00 per tire (off the rim). We can take tires on the rim but the cost is more expensive.

    Furniture Removal:

    Furniture removal is 100% volume/(space) based.


    Fitness Equipment Removal:

    Fitness equipment removal is 100% volume/(space) based.


    House Cleanouts:

    When it comes to a home cleanout, we will typically ask for either a detailed list or pictures sent that detail exactly what items you need removed. More often than not we will come by for an onsite quote in the case of a home cleanout. Please see our pricing page for volume fees to get an idea of what each truckload will cost you on a home cleanout.

    Appliance Removal:

    We will take most appliances for $50 - $100.

    Piano Removal:

    We will remove pianos if they are on the ground level only. No steps.

    Furnace Removal:

    We will remove furnaces if they are on the ground level only. No steps.

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