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Meet our Team


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Junk Truck NH is owned and operated by a full-time elementary school teacher. Many of our past employees have been teachers as well. As the business has grown we've expanded the role of our employees to include workers who are available during the "school day", as many customers require morning and midday pickups rather than the exclusively afternoon and weekend pick-ups we focused on when we started.


We are not a franchise forced to send a portion of our revenue up to corporate each month or spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns. We run an honest, locally-owned business, geared toward truly providing a quick and comfortable junk removal experience for our customer. Furthermore, we do not depend on junk removal as our primary income as all of our employees work full-time jobs in addition to their role at Junk Truck NH. This has allowed us to continue to provide the most affordable junk removal prices in the southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts regions.

Thank you so much for considering Junk Truck NH for your residential or commercial junk removal needs. We hope you will send us a text, email or call the next time you are looking for a junk removal company. We can be reached via call or text at 603-494-5877. You can also find us on Google, Instagram and Facebook @junktrucknh.

If you have a moment, we encourage you to look through our Google and Facebook reviews as you will get a good sense of how the southern New Hampshire region feels about us.

Have a great day!

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