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Paint Disposal and Removal

So you're cleaning out the basement and stumble upon those old paint cans from the deck project 2 years ago. Realizing that paint is hazardous waste, you begin to think about how in the world you are to get rid of the cans while still doing your part to save the environment.

Your first thought is "I really need to call Junk Truck NH and have them haul these away". Your second thought is probably that "there has to be a more cost effective way of removing paint than hiring a company to come and do it for me". You then turn to the internet and find the Junk Truck NH blog with the following list of ways to remove and dispose of paint:

1. Mix kitty litter into the can and then let it sit for 24 hours. The next day it should be solid. You can then throw it out with the trash.

2. List it on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist as "FREE".

3. If you have a lot of paint then what we like to do is find an old tarp and pour the paint all over the tarp. Let the paint dry out. Roll the tarp up and take it to the dump.

4. Pour it into sand and let it dry.

5. 4 times a year you will have the option of taking it to your towns dump for free disposal. This is only happens on select days so check with your town.

If you decide, that in the end it makes the most sense to call the professionals, then you can reach Junk Truck NH at 603-494-5877, 7 days a week. We will come to your residence and removal latex, stain and even sealcoating. We take all necessary steps the ensure that your paint is disposed of responsibly and safely.

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