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Swingset Removal

Swing set removal can be an emotional decision for a homeowner, signifying the loss of what once was. Unfortunately, this all part of life. Over the years Junk Truck NH has removed dozens of swing sets from homes all over New England. We created this blog post for those of you who have decided that the old rotten swing set in the backyard simply must go.

When removing a swing set, you must first be prepared for the type of job you have decided to embark on. You will be dealing with old, rotten wood that is typically waterlogged and extremely heavy. Many of the wood planks are held together with large lag bolts and can twist and turn in unexpected ways. Please take some time to come up with a demolition plan before making any cuts.

Many of these swing sets are so rotten and weak that we do not advise that you ever climb up on their ladders or stand on any of their platforms. Stand on the ground surrounding the swing set as you make your cuts. Many times, the wood will fall in an unexpected way, so you want room to avoid that falling debris.

We have found that it is best to cut as much of the swing set down as possible, prior to making any cuts to any high platforms. Once the swings as well as any other attachments have been removed then you can begin cutting down the platform. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Eventually you should be able to knock the platform down on its side and begin cutting everything into moveable pieces. If you own a 2-wheel truck/dolly it will make transport much easier.

Another item to consider is the fact that the wood used for swing sets is categorized by most landfills as demolition, meaning it is priced at a much higher rate than general trash. Additionally, the amount of wood you are going to be hauling to the landfill is going to be extremely heavy which leads to quite a cost all around. You will typically spend 2-3 hours getting the set on the ground and loaded into the truck or trailer and then an additional hour hauling and dumping it.

Finally, you will need some tools for this job which will include a Sawzall, 2-wheel truck or dolly, drill, knife, and hammer. The most important of these tools is going to be the Sawzall, everything else you can technically get by without. Once you put your tools away and your swing set is in a pile on the ground please remember that the wood is stained and pressure treated making it illegal to burn.

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